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Professor, Royal Military College of Canada visited NIDS.

Visiting Scholar Paper Series
NIDS is the main policy research arm of the Ministry of Defense (MOD). With its research staff of more than 80 full-time scholars with various academic/career backgrounds, NIDS is the leading research institution in Japan dedicated to the research on defense and national security issues. September 1, 2011, NIDS put into place one of the most sweeping reorganization measures in its history. It was designed to make itself better positioned to support the needs of policymakers of the MOD, while expanding scope and depth of its research.
picture:East Asian Strategic Review 2013
This annual report includes analysis of the strategic environment of East Asia and the issues of critical importance concerning regional security.
picture:China Security Report
NIDS China Security Report analyzes the strategic and military trends of China.
picture・the pamphlet of National Institute for Defense Studies
This Journal is intended to promote research activity on security issues.
picture:The pamphlet of National Institute for Defense Studies
You can see the brochure of National Institute for Defense Studies.
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